LPB01 - Reverse Engineering

LPB01 bootcamp imparts experiential knowledge on common mechanical/electro-mechanical devices through reverse engineering. Students explore basic engineering systems by disassembling and reassembling products, fostering understanding of internal and external structures and an appreciation for product design.

The exercise promotes critical thinking and problem-solving as students suggest enhancements and create troubleshooting guides, encouraging reflection on component roles and the impact of failures.

LPB02 - Automation with Arduino

LPB02 bootcamp is an introductory course to embedded systems using Arduino. Students learn to use Arduino Micro Controller Modules, integrating theoretical concepts with practical programming. They are introduced to digital and analog sensors, exploring their application in domains such as home automation, agriculture, and healthcare.

The bootcamp provides insight into the role of embedded systems in solving societal problems and encourages students to develop products aligned with societal needs.